HAUTELOOK: My Shopping Destination

Blue Printed Dress // Embroidered Mini Skirt // Beach Throw // Bunny Ring Holder // Statement Earrings // Black Printed Dress // Statement Necklace // Printed Pants

With my Europe trip approaching very quickly (I can’t believe we’re leaving in a month!), I’m looking for the perfect vacation pieces, from flower-patterned dresses to statement jewelry. That being said, I’m on a tight budget since I want to keep my money for our expenses once we’ll be there. After all, spending on experiences is always a lot of fun and one year from now, I’ll remember which activities we did – not what I was wearing!

However, I still want to spend a little on a few fun summer pieces and I found the perfect online store to do so. Haute Look has new shopping events everday with some amazing collections for budget-friendly prices. In fact, all of the items above are under $55! Prices are usually reduced from 50% to 80%. Their events all also very diverse, from women’s clothing to home decor items, as well as men’s and kid’s clothing. Events last 2-4 days, and sizes are usually available for quite some time, aside from very popular designer items.

I hope this fashion find will be of interest to you as much as it was to me! Have fun browsing and enjoy your weekend!!


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Why I Don’t Ever Want to Stop Working


Even today, a lot of women choose the path of becoming stay-at-home moms, although most of those women have a high degree of education. Sometimes it is a choice because they want to be at home with their children, other times it is for financial reasons as a lot of families to not have the means to hire someone to take care of the children of pay high daycare fees, and other times it is also because of tradition and social norms.

As a woman, this family-career dilemma is something that I inevitably think about, even if I am nowhere near facing those types of decisions (I do sometimes over-think). Personally, I have come to realize that I never want to stop working. I have seen my mom make a lot of sacrifices for my brother and I, and as much as I respect and I am grateful for all of those choices she made, I never want to make those sacrifices myself.

To be happy, I believe all of us need to feel accomplished. We need to do something with our life that makes us proud and I find that it has to go through a career or a business endeavor. Although I am positive children bring a lot of happiness and fulfillment, once they leave the home to start their own lives, the stay-at-home parent might not have a lot left and might feel unaccomplished. I have seen it and I have read about it, and I definitely do not want this for myself.

Today, especially in Canada, we finally live in a society where so many laws are in place to make it possible for the mother to have both a successful career and a family life. Other generations before us did not have that chance, and I think it would be a shame to not take advantage of this fully. Also, if I ever have a daughter, I want to show her that it is possible to “have it all”. I believe it is very heatlhy for a girl to grow up in that kind of environment where a mother is both successful at work and in the home. Of course, I am sure aiming for both also has its own sacrifices, but I am a lot more comfortable with those.

The picture I chose for this post is one of Jessica Alba, co-founder of The Honest Company, as well as being a mother of two. Women like her inspire me to aim for self-fulfillment in all aspects of my life. I am sure her life has its own set of ups and downs, but I am also sure she feels fulfilled with all of what she has accomplished and that is an incredible feeling that nothing else can replace. After all, who doesn’t want to feel powerful, challenged, smart and important?

I am writing this post as I’d love to hear your comments about this subject. It’s something I care a lot about since those kinds of decisions have such a high impact in our society and the way we perceive gender roles. I do think it’s changing and more and more women will stay in the workforce even if they decide to have children. Although I respect both decisions, I am a strong believer that when both parents have a good career, they are both happier at home, which also impacts the children (and it’s also a fact, I read it in Lean In which is my bible). Besides, I’m already excited to get a fashionable corporate wardrobe! 😉

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your week! xx

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Summer Trend: Sneakers


Hi ladies!


This summer, sneakers are by far one of my favorite trends. They spice up any outfit so easily and they are just so comfortable. What’s not to love? I think I will especially be adopting this trend when visiting Europe in August!


Here are a few of my favorite inspirations on how to wear this style. Whether it’s with a pair of jeans or a classy dress, everything’s allowed! 


Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!




See more of my fashion inspirations on my Pinterest board here

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Grad Ball


Hey guys!


I’m writing this post from the bus as I am on my way to Quebec City to celebrate my dad’s birthday. It is such a gorgeous day outside and I am so excited to get out of the city to enjoy it! 


Last Saturday was my grad ball and I wanted to share some photos of this very special event with all of you. As I’ve mentioned before, I still need to take 4 classes to graduate, but it truly felt like the end of a chapter on that evening! For the occasion, I wore a long navy blue dress with a bright flower pattern from Asos. I wanted something that was both classy and fun to celebrate the event. Plus, since the dress isn’t too formal, I’ll be able to wear it again for weddings or dinners. I opted for a long dress since I wanted to wear flats to have total comfort during the evening. Besides, since I am 6″0 tall, I usually try to avoid making me look even taller! Overall I was so happy with my look. It was chic, classy, fun and comfortable.


As for the evening, I didn’t have any specific expectations, but it turned out better than I could have imagined! My friends Geneviève and Christina came to my apartment before the ball so we could all have a glass of champagne, and then we headed to the Marché Bonsecours in Old Montreal to snap a few photos. My boyfriend Marc-André even met up with us to say hello and take a few pictures with me as well! It was such a great way to kick off the evening.


The ball itself was amazing! The decor was beautiful (as you may have seen on my Instagram) and the little appetizers during the happy hour were sooo good. I kept running after the waiters! 


Since this was such an important night for me, I wanted to share some photos of it on my blog. I hope you enjoy!! By the way, I recently added snapchat on my phone, so if you’d like you can follow me at @candidlyjulie :)




Although it may seem Marc-André and I are always fairly serious in our pictures, it takes a lot of shots to get those kinds of photos as you can see below… :)



Photo Voltaic was the official photographer for the evening, and here are a few great photos they snapped during the celebration…



Thanks for stopping by and I hope you liked this sneak peek of my grad ball :) Xx 

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An Evening with Zomato


Last night, I had the pleasure of spending a very gourmet evening at Pullman wine bar in Montreal thanks to Zomato. Not only did I get to taste lots of delicious small dishes from their menu, but it was so much fun to meet other lifestyle and food bloggers.


In case you don’t know this, Zomato is a new social network dedicated to food that was launched in Montreal just a few months ago. It was already established in Vancouver and Toronto, but now it’s finally in our city!! You can follow me here to see all my food photos and restaurant reviews. 


As for the food we had at Pullman, everything was very good and the service was excellent. It was my first time there so I didn’t have any particular expectations. From the outside, the restaurant facade is very discreet with a simple Pullman sign. When you go inside, the small first floor is perfect for a date night with the large chandelier and the romantic atmosphere. As for the floor below, it is perfect for a group or to have a drink among co-workers thanks to the large bar tables.


The menu is filled with delicious small dishes that are perfect to share and to have with a good glass of wine. I love this concept since you get to try different flavors throughout the night. Although I loved everything, I would have gladly eaten more of the beets with the delicious crackers, as well as the port-steeped cheddar grilled cheese. My third favourite was probably the fried cod brandade with its spicy mayo. 


Overall it was such a fun night and I definitely suggest this restaurant for a date night or an after-work dinner. 


Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!! Xx


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